Given the events of the past year and a half, everyone is excited to enjoy a more ‘normal’ festive season this year. Here at BRÚ, it’s no different and our brewers have added two new delicious beers to our Urban Jungle range to welcome the autumn and Christmas season to come. 

Fire Starter is our exciting smoked brown ale, brewed in response to customers’ requests for this style. There’s no better time to enjoy a brown ale than when the temperatures start to plummet! Continuing with the theme of cosy and complex beers, we also developed Night’s Watch, our new moreish baltic porter. 

Fire Starter: a Smoked Brown Ale to Ignite the Palate

With beechwood-smoked barley and four different specialty malts, Fire Starter has a rich, chewy base with flavours of bread crust, caramel, biscuit and hints of chocolate. The aromas and flavours of subtle smokiness prevail, which is balanced by the sweet malts and Chinook hops. 

The result is a complex, yet tempting, beer brewed to be savoured. It pours a deep mahogany topped with a creamy beige foam.

Our head brewer, Fran, explains why we brewed this smoked brown ale:

For Fire Starter, I wanted to fill the brewery with smoke flavours. We wanted to be adventurous with our brewing throughout 2021 (focusing on styles like a tripel, Grodziskie etc.). Fire Starter is a beer full of complexity, coming from the beechwood smoked malt especially alongside the other speciality malts. 

We wanted to replicate a real Christmassy feeling: lighting up the fireplace, having a full festive lunch. A touch of dessert also is hidden in there, with hints of cinnamon and cloves. 

Thinking of Christmas, the animal chosen for its label couldn’t be anything but a reindeer! This is definitely a beer for moments of celebration.

Night’s Watch: a Baltic Porter Perfect for Cooler Months

Night Watch is brewed with seven malts, giving it a luscious, full body. It has pronounced aromas of roasted coffee, dark chocolate and hints of rich vanilla. The sweetness from the malts is balanced with bitter notes, resulting in a complex—but intensely drinkable—beer. It Pours ink black and hides its 10% ABV effortlessly, resulting in a subtle and pleasant warming effect. 

It’s moreish and satisfying to the very end.

Fran, explains why we brewed this Baltic porter:

Night’s Watch is an interpretation of the beautiful baltic porter style. It’s a beer for giving warmth on cold days, full of complexity and loaded with flavours like toffee, bread crust, dark roasted coffee and brownie. It’s a beer you almost want to chew, yet it’s still pretty drinkable!

The animal selected for its label is a snow leopard because it’s stunning (just like this style of beer!) and an endangered animal. We were inspired by the ones in Dublin zoo.

Where to Find our New Urban Jungle Beers

We’re delighted with both beers and have already received plenty of positive feedback from drinkers around Ireland.

Have you tried Fire Starter or Night’s Watch? Remember that these will make a wonderful Christmas gift for the beer lover in your life!

Find it now in good off-licences in Ireland or on our webshop.

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