The Cider Mill Mixed Pack


A 12 pack of the tasty cider selection from The Cider Mill

4 x Ciderkin | 4 x Windvane | 4 x Lámhóg


The Cider Mill is based on a small family farm and 12 acres of orchards in the heart of the Boyne Valley Slane Co. Meath and they are dedicated to making the very best small batch, handcrafted real ciders of exceptional quality and character.


Ciderkin- 4% –Harvest Session, Crisp

Ciderkin is made from a second pressing of the pomace in the time-honoured way of re-wetting, breaking up and macerating the pomace again overnight, as it was done for hundreds of years on many farms for part payment of farm labourers wages. This produces lower alcohol, crisp, light and refreshing cider with a delicate wine-like nose bursting with tangy, fresh apple and tropical fruit flavours. Made from a blend of mainly dessert apples we use throughout the pressing season in our cider, apple juice and ice cider making such as Irish peach, Ruby’s choice, Valentine, White moss, Ellisons orange, Laxtons superb, Katy and Lord Lambourne.

White wine yeast/Wild ferment/Unfiltered


Windvane- 5% – Farmhouse Draught, Smooth

A modern expression of a traditional farmhouse draught made from both keeved and non keeved ciders comprising approximately 50% dessert and culinary apples and 50% Bittersweet and sharp cider apples. This results in a smooth and well-rounded cider, rich and fruity with just the right balance of tannins, acidity and ripe Autumn apple notes. Dabinett, Kerrmerian, Douce moen, Kingston black, Katy, Worcester pearmain, Monarch, Golden delicious.

Wild ferment/Unfiltered


Lámhóg – 6% – Makers Reserve, Bold

This cider takes its name from the ancient Irish wooden tavern tankards called Lámhóg. It is a blend of the finest keeved ciders matured over several seasons. A robust cider with immense depth of flavour and character, complex and spicy with a rich, tannin heavy and long drying finish. Made from a variety of strong Bittersweet and sharp cider apples and tempered with some Irish dessert varieties, Kerrmerian, Marie mesnard, Frederick, Tremlets bitter, April queen, Dockney.

Wild ferment/Unfiltered


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Harvest Session (Crisp) | Farmhouse Draught (Smooth) | Makers Reserve (Bold)- 12 x 500ml Bottles





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