Sponsor No.04 Dan “The Danimal” Hill

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Sponsor No.04 Dan “The Danimal” Hill

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You can't look at him without knowing he's a big eater.... Cough... I know, right? We all know he's a man of few things and taste is not one of them. He's the only man I know that's never successfully finished a snack box never mind a conversation with a girl. The only man alive that has his own memorial tournament. I don't know if that stands to him for living so strongly or for the fact we can't wait to get rid of him. Dan Hill, a man that sweats at the sight of a bowl of soup. Man vs Food as a competition already rules him out. He’ll need to eat his own body weight in food to have any chance on July 8th.

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Sat July 8th From 9pm BRÚ House Newbridge

Man v Food Challenge in aid of Newbridge RFC.  10 competitors and only one winner.  Who will it be? They must first raise over €300 each to enter and donations come with some juicy BRÚ pints and the guarantee of a great night out!

Each contestant will be positioned in front of his table and will race against the others to complete a Man v Food Challenge. A great prize for the winner and a great night out guaranteed for everyone.

Lets keep these man doing something worthwhile on weekends and enjoy a great night out with friends!

Each donation above €10 comes with drinks which you can use only consume on the night.