Sponsor No.06 Alan “Al” O’Connor

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Sponsor No.06 Alan “Al” O’Connor

from 10.00

From kick boxing to box kicking, Alan hasn't mastered either yet he still tries to practice both on the Rugby pitch. He’s a fearless leader and while sometimes he’s not sure what he is doing he still gives it 100%. In terms of his eating ability he certainly has a big mouth, as most referees in the league can attest too. As a former Army man, he may be use to rations but on July 8th he's hungry for success. If he is victorious, he will surely preform his signature finger pointing celebration. He is no spring chicken but is hoping to wing it! Win or lose Alan has promised us all free into Tigers!

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Sat July 8th From 9pm BRÚ House Newbridge

Man v Food Challenge in aid of Newbridge RFC.  10 competitors and only one winner.  Who will it be? They must first raise over €300 each to enter and donations come with some juicy BRÚ pints and the guarantee of a great night out!

Each contestant will be positioned in front of his table and will race against the others to complete a Man v Food Challenge. A great prize for the winner and a great night out guaranteed for everyone.

Lets keep these man doing something worthwhile on weekends and enjoy a great night out with friends!

Each donation above €10 comes with drinks which you can use only consume on the night.