THE snug

The Snug is perfect for a smaller group who want a bit of privacy and exclusivity. Tucked away at the end of the ground floor bar with it's own serving hatch you're sure to like this area for a family get together or a smaller more intimate group. We can serve 6 to10 for a sit down meal and 15 to 20 standing.


This area is a cute get away from the hustle of the main bar. Originally part of the old kitchen it has been lovingly restored with a feature fireplace, oak beams and tiled floor. Still the heart of the house, this area can seat 12 to 15 for a sit down meal and 20+ standing.

BRÚ House back bar

Like surprises? You're going to like this one. This area is the perfect surprise spot, with doors that can be shut from view of the front lounge. access to the smoking area, private bar & it's own on street entrance, The back bar, fireplace & snug are all in this area so we can fit a party of 50 to 80 for standing & bar bites. It's perfect for a 30th, 40th, engagement or larger surprise party.

THE shed

During the summer you may reserve our outdoor, private area. Rest your pint on our cast iron safe that's taken up residency in The Shed (too heavy to lift) You and your friends can relax in the open air with a view of our fresh hanging baskets, built in audio speakers, table service, overhead heaters and BBQ on request (weather permitting).

BRÚ brewery party venue

Our largest, the ultimate private room on the first floor. This is the perfect large party area with it's own dance floor, Seating for 40+ in The brewery alone but taking in the BRÚ Mash Tun, BRÚ Room & Loft areas the entire floor can be booked in it's entirety can accommodate 100 seated & 200+ standing.

We would recommend this area for wedding receptions, christenings, communions, birthday, engagement parties or any large company function/ staff night out. (DJ & cocktail bar on request). 

brú mash tun

This is a nice spot on the first floor. Bright and airy with it's own fireplace and near to the stairs. We can comfortably seat 25 for a sit down meal or 40+ standing. It is perfect for a medium group wanting to be near the crowd but quiet enough for great craic and the chats.

The Mash Tun is named after the process where the malt gets mashed during brewing. 

The Loft

Our highest point. Tucked neatly upstairs at the back, this area holds 20 to 25 seated and 40+ standing. We will do whatever it takes to make you feel welcome, Whether you’re looking for a quiet corner or a big night out. This area is great for high energy, larger parties. Overlooking the dance floor, it's the perfect vantage point for a great group of friends. At BRÚ House, you will always be well looked after.

brú room

The Úber cool BRÚ Room on the first floor. Light, airy, contemporary with stripped back flooring and graphics from our state of the art craft brewery in Co. Meath. This area can hold 15 to 20 for a sit down meal & 30+ standing. With a mobile cocktail bar available on request this space is great for a big night out. Our dance floor is  just metres away in The Brewery Area. You can have an intimate space here with all the fun of a big night out in the BRÚ Room.