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For months now, we’ve been buzzing with excitement to share our rebrand, which includes a new look, refreshed recipes and a second core range. Since the merger with Carrig Brewing, BRÚ Brewery has been focused on improving the quality of our beer, refining our brewing methods and the development of a beer portfolio (while refreshing some existing favourites) that would successfully reflect the brewing spirits of both breweries.

We have also worked diligently on a marketing plan and schedule, discussing how to best reveal the new BRÚ Brewery to the world. We couldn’t wait. We launched our new website and were ready to roll out a teaser campaign about our BRÚ Core and Urban Jungle beers leading up to their release at the beginning of April.

We planned a big launch party to coincide with the big reveal, extending an invitation to our trade friends and press from Ireland and the UK to join us at one of our venues, Bar Rua in the heart of Dublin, to be the first to taste our new beers and put their questions to our team.

Of course, everything changed as the Covid-19 pandemic worsened in Ireland, which quickly resulted in the closure of bars and restaurants across the country. We suddenly had nowhere to pour our exciting new beers.

In short, things haven’t gone exactly as planned.
But this is a mere stumble in our journey.

Like many small breweries, we’re adapting to this challenging situation by shifting our focus on small-pack rather than selling kegs to on-trade customers, such as pubs. Our new beers are currently being delivered to off-licences and shops, meaning that you might be lucky enough to find them on the shelves of your local store (please let us know if you spot BRÚ out in the wild on Untapped and social media by tagging us!).

We’re delighted to finally unveil our new ranges and will be delving further into the inspiration behind each label design and providing tasting notes of every beer with help from our Head Brewer, Francesco. Watch out for more in-depth posts on this blog and across social media in the coming weeks.

So, for the time-being, we’ll be focusing on bottles and cans. We will eventually keg these new beers and they will be available once it’s safe for pubs to open their doors to the public again. But, until then, our bottles and cans are as fresh as you could want and tasting fantastic.

It goes without saying that we’ll be throwing a big party on the other side of all this. We hope that you’ll join us to celebrate the brewery’s new direction! For now, please keep an eye on our social media for updates on where you can buy our BRÚ Core and Urban Jungle beers.

We hope that you will join us on this exciting journey and celebrate these milestones with us. We look forward to hearing your feedback and we hope that you’ll help us spread the word about the new BRÚ!

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