How to Recycle BRÚ Mini Kegs

Have you tried one of our mini kegs yet? They’re a great option for parties and for those who prefer a pint of beer poured from a tap. Each mini keg contains five litres of beer, which is about nine full pints. It’s perfect for sharing with housemates or friends at home or in the park (and we’ve all spent plenty of time drinking in these spaces during lockdown!).

In the age of social distancing, it’s hardly surprising that our BRÚ Lager and IPA mini kegs have been best sellers on the webshop.

When you order a BRÚ mini keg from our webshop, we deliver it to your home. You then open the valve and enjoy your fresh beer. But what can you do with your empty mini kegs? How can you dispose of these responsibly?

Fortunately, our mini kegs are 100% recyclable. This means that you simply dispose of it in your recycling bin like a standard aluminium can. Once collected, they are sent to a recycling centre, where they are separated from other items, crushed and then destined for smelting plants.

Image by @Irelandyumz Instagram Page

King Nelson tasting Origin Green and sustainability

As a member of Origin Green and with our promise to be as eco-friendly in everything we do, everyone at BRÚ is concerned about packaging and ensuring that everything we use is recyclable. Origin Green is a brilliant national food and drink sustainability programme, setting up measurable sustainability targets that respect the environment and serve local communities (read more about them here).

So when you get to the end of your mini keg, you can simply pop it into the recycling and be confident that it’s disposed of correctly. It’s both easy and environmentally-friendly!

Image by Origin Green

So why not pick up a 5L mini keg to enjoy with friends this weekend? Just head to our BRÚ Shop and order now!

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