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Seriously Professional Waiters...

At BRÚ House we know the value of the serious professional. We are creating the conditions for such staff to thrive.  

At BRÚ House Fairview we have a vacancy for such a person, even two. 

Who are we looking for?  

We are looking for the waiter that was the best earner back in the day or is the best earner where they work now.

We will fit the job around you - not you around the job.

This is no ordinary environment... we are the most progressive Vertically Integrated Brewery on the Planet and we are looking for exceptionally strong people.


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and cool with it.

Professionalism and the ability to earn is the core requirement.

But it must be done with style.  An ability to create atmosphere, add value at every contact point with cuistomer, staff, suppliers and the universe.

If you are the person we are looking for you, will know it right now.

Dont bother filling the form below if you don't feel it.

We want waiters to who leave our customers almost envious of your job and attitude!

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Dont waste our time - we won't waste yours

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