BRÚ Brewery Sponsors The Irish Food Writing Awards 2021

Launched this year and created by Suzanne Campbell and Paul O’ Connor, Irish Food Writing Awards celebrate excellence in writing, broadcasting and social media on Irish food and drink. BRÚ is delighted to be sponsoring the Beer Writing Award category.

There are so many talented writers who help spread the word about our fantastic brewing industry and we’re so appreciative of every review, blog post and feature focused on Irish beers and breweries.

The Irish Food Writing Awards: The Concept

The inspiration behind the Irish Food Writing Awards is described below:

“Ireland has a strong writing culture and an emerging food culture. Our countryside grows some of the best fresh ingredients produced worldwide. Our chefs craft these ingredients into modern Irish cuisine; from seaweed to rhubarb, our traditional foods are the stars of exciting restaurant dishes.

Our food producers create products made with love and a passion for quality. Our journalists and writers describe and photograph our food in newspapers, magazines, online and in cookbooks. This year we plan to bring these magical elements together in the first Irish Food Writing Awards.”

Taken from the www.irishfoodwritingawards.ie website.

The Irish Food Writing Awards Finalists 2021 Revealed

A huge congratulations to The Beer Writing Award 2021 finalists: 

The Beer Writing Award was judged by Robb Walsh, an American-born food writer and cookbook author, three times James Beard Journalism Award winner and Richard Croasdale, an award-winning feature writer, author, editor and journalist for over twenty years. He is currently the editor of Ferment, the UK’s biggest-selling beer magazine and also the author of The Craft Beer Dictionary published in 2018.

The winner will be announced in November 2021. 

Good luck to all nominees!

Read more about the Irish Food Writing Awards here: www.irishfoodwritingawards.ie


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