Putting Irish Craft Beer on the Map

If you’re a beer drinker, we’ve got great news! We would like to introduce you the Irish Craft Beer Map.

It’s now easier than ever to discover new breweries and beers while supporting local businesses.

The Irish Craft Beer Map describes itself as “a resource which aims to highlight the abundance of quality, Irish craft breweries that are tucked away in each county”. So whether you’re planning a staycation or visiting Ireland soon (when you can!), you can enjoy the best craft beer that Ireland has to offer.

Created by a collaborative effort of the great Irish breweries, supported by the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland ICBI, this exciting initiative will highlight and promote local breweries, telling the stories behind this proud, independent and exciting industry, driving awareness of local craft beers and also showcasing beers for all palates, proving that craft beer is for everyone!

Image by Irish Beer Map

Breweries will be profiled, enabling customers to meet the talented teams and values behind every Irish beer. Quality ingredients and products, environmental and community concerns, manual production, fair trade and passionate people are some of the main themes important to this growing market. These characteristics make us proud to be part of the Irish craft beer scene.

The BRÚ team are very excited to be part of this project as a Meath-based brewery with a range of beers available in good off licences around Ireland. We jumped on the opportunity to join this campaign alongside a fantastic line-up of great independent Irish breweries.

Our head brewer, Fran Sottomano, says: “It’s great for people to have this very useful map. It really helps the craft beer community and industry to geolocalise ourselves and create a better link with Irish beer drinkers.”

James Dunne, managing director, affirms: “It’s pleasing to see our exciting Craft Beer sector being supported by this great initiative, enabling all the great craft breweries nationwide to reach a new audience and keep engaging with our current public.”

Martina Dunne, sales manager, adds: “ We are thrilled with the Irish Craft Beer map and so excited to be included. Irish Craft Beer gained many new supporters over the past 18 months and this is a great way to keep them engaged as well as hopefully reaching a new audience”.

Visit the Irish Beer Map to begin your local craft beer journey over the summer holidays. Follow the @IrishBeerMap on social media and support local by using the hashtag. Cheers!

Image: Irish Beer


The Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland (ICBI) is the representative body for microbreweries on the island of Ireland. ICBI Member Breweries take their responsibilities very seriously, as small business owners, citizens of Irish society and members of the communities where they live and work. We further recognise our responsibilities as brewers and sellers. It is our intention and our hope that the beers we brew are consumed in a way that brings sensory enjoyment to the people who drink them. Our overarching aim is always balance and moderation in the consumption of beer.

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