Despite the exceptional challenges of 2020, we’ve stayed positive at BRÚ Brewery and remained focused on brewing great new Urban Jungle beers for the summer. We worked throughout lockdown to ensure you had a range of exciting and delicious options for celebrating the warmer months—whether you’re drinking in a pub or enjoying a can at home!

Below, we showcase three of the tempting new additions to our Urban Jungle range for summer 2020: Off the Hook, Cheep Flirt and Blurry Furry. 

Introducing OFF THE HOOK PILS:

A classic German-style pilsner with a twist, Off the Hook is our bright and contemporary Pils, delivering on the crisp and clean characteristics of a lager. Brewed with the malts Lager, Carapils, Munich, Carablond and finished with a modern dry hopping of Mandarina Bavaria hops, it has a soft, bready mouthfeel and aromas of zesty citrus. The delicate spicy notes from the lager yeast are emphasised by the beer’s lively carbonation. 

With an emblematic illustration of a fish in the can, this catch will please the palates of all lager lovers. You’ll want to reel in the refreshing taste of this 4.5% beer!

Our Head Brewer, Francesco says:

‘Off the Hook is a modern interpretation of a German-style pilsner with a touch of extra hops added in the beer. The hop used is called Mandarina Bavaria and is a new generation of German hop. It’s a very sessionable lager style, clean and crisp for everybody’s taste.’

ABV: 4.5%
Malts: Lager, Carapils, Munich, Carablond
Hops: Hallertau Tradition, Mandarina Bavaria
ABV: 3.8%
Malts: Golden Promise, Oat
Hops: Centennial

Introducing cheep flirt:

Cheep Flirt is a hazy session IPA, lower in alcohol (3.8%) and with a flavour punch. This recipe has three star ingredients: Golden Promise malt, oats and Centennial hops, which come together for a nutty and biscuit backbone, a silky and full mouthfeel and an abundance of citrus and floral notes. Generously dry hopped for bold and bright aromas, it’s represented by a beautiful hummingbird, who flirts with the flowers how you will do with this intensely satisfying beer with a good body and tempting ABV. 

Looking for an easy choice for light drinking? This is sweet nectar for thirsty drinkers on summer days. 

Our Head Brewer, Francesco describes what makes this beer special:

‘Cheep Flirt is a beer I wanted to do a long time ago, using only three great ingredients: Golden Promise malt, oat malts and Centennial hops. Light in alcohol but full of flavours, a real summer drink and a fridge filler. This beer is also special because of Centennial’s presence, which is my absolute favourite hop.’

INTRODUCING blurry furry:

A modern interpretation of the classic Berliner Weisse style, Blurry Furry is a tart wheat beer with an injection of sweet blueberry flavour. This style is traditionally served with a shot of flavoured syrup, so we’ve added blueberry purees and extract just before packaging.

Delightfully sour and intensely refreshing, it’s both fruity and tart, making it a perfect choice for the hot days. Showcasing a stunning and meaningful illustration of a sloth, we are inviting you to slow down and enjoy this easy-drinking beer with a head of creamy foam, mild spiciness from the weizen yeast and a rounded mouthfeel coming from the wheat. 

Our Head Brewer, Francesco says:

‘Blurry Furry is my very first attempt in the world of sour beers. In a very humble way, we tried to bring a good refreshing acidity mixed with blueberries flavours, light alcohol but a good body in the beer, very thin and vanishing foam (due to low Ph).’

ABV: 3.8%
Fruits: Blueberries
Malts: Lager, Wheat

And we think he nailed it on his first try!

 Haven’t tried these Urban Jungle summer releases yet? Don’t let summer end without sampling them all.

Head to the BRÚ Shop now to order yours.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on our new ranges, so keep showing us your beers and sharing your thoughts on social media and Untapped.

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