Introducing BRÚ Lager and Osiris IPA

Throughout this week, we’ll be revealing two beers every day on our blog: one from our BRÚ Core range and one from our Urban Jungle series. Many of these beers are now available on shelves in off-licenses and shops across the country, but keep an eye on our social media for where you can find them (and remember to let us know where you spot our beers by tagging us in your posts!).

Today, we’re excited to showcase our BRÚ Lager (BRÚ Core) and Osiris IPA (Urban Jungle).

The Ranges


The BRÚ Core range is made up of five beers, each one a high-quality example of a loved style. Some of these beers are refreshed versions of existing recipes and some are brand new, but each one has been tweaked to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality and taste.


This series includes five bold and modern beers that will surprise even the most seasoned craft beer drinker. The mantra of this range encourages drinkers to be adventurous and unleash their spirit animal—whether it’s a bold lion or a wily octopus. In addition to the new offerings, eagle-eyed drinkers will be delighted to find some favourite recipes that have been revived and refreshed under The Urban Jungle brand.

Introducing BRÚ Lager (BRÚ Core):

BRÚ Lager is our most popular beer for a reason: it’s clean, bright and refreshing—it also just happens to be gluten-free. With soft nuttiness and biscuit from the malts and spicy notes from the German Tradition hops. Grassy and floral aromas are enhanced by a rounded mouthfeel to make this a crisp and sessionable beer. Inspired by Dagda, the cheerful chief of the Celtic gods, this is our love song to malts and agriculture.

Our Head brewer, Francesco, provides some more insight into the brewing process:

Brewing a lager means trying to think of something that is easy-drinking for everyone’s palate — which is much harder than it sounds! Our BRÚ Lager has a blend of pure Irish malt and German Munich malts and are the stars of the show in providing a softly sweet and malty backbone to balance out the light grassiness of the German Tradition hops.

When fermenting a lager, I feel like a baby sitter as much as a brewer! Every hour of fermentation counts and the temperature has to be controlled and managed for a full clean fermentation, to provide that crisp and refreshing taste that everyone wants in their lager. Ours needs at least 5 weeks of baby sitting before it’s ready to enjoy — so it keeps me busy!

ABV: 4.2%
Malts: Lager, Carapils, Munich, Crystal
Hops: Tradition
ABV: 6.2%
Malts: Golden Promise, Vienna, Oat Malt, Caramalt
Hops: Citra, Ekuanot, Mosaic, Enigma

Introducing The Osiris IPA (Urban Jungle) :

The Osiris IPA perfectly symbolises a new beginning with a reference to the Egyptian god of rebirth. We see this beer as representative of the new BRÚ brand and journey. Osiris is always depicted with ostrich feathers in his head dress, so we’ve used this as inspiration for the can design.

A golden IPA with intense hop character, our Osiris IPA is an audacious beer designed for the modern palate. Sweet nuttiness comes from the malts and is balanced with citrus, floral, herbal and spicy notes from Citra, Ekuanot, Mosaic and Enigma hops. This is finished off with a generous dry hopping to ensure bold tastes and aromas in abundance. Silky smooth body and beautifully complex, this IPA will revitalise your senses with a torrent of flavour.

Not only does the ostrich represent Osiris, the inspiration for this beer, but it also aligns with Urban Jungle’s ethos to encourage drinkers to find their spirit animal. This bold beer hopes to encourage people to get their head out of the sand!

Our Head brewer, Francesco, provides more details on the story behind this beer:

I am a typical craft brewer in that I love hops and so enjoy the challenge of showcasing the best blends for exciting aromas and flavours. And IPA is the perfect style in which to do this.

The Osiris IPA is a completely new recipe for us. As we have other IPAs in the range, I wanted this one to be different – aiming for a more intense mouthfeel and almost sticky punch of hops. To achieve this, Osiris has a complex blend of different base and caramel malts for a very chewy mouthfeel which is needed to counteract the citrus character I was aiming for with the hop additions.

Citra is the dominant hop, complemented by Enigma, Ekuanot and Mosaic and we do a significant amount of dry-hopping (adding the hops after fermentation) to ensure those bold citrus fruit and grassy characteristics pack the greatest punch!

The Osiris recipe takes inspiration from our globalised modern society — we have so many cultures, different populations, all living together and sharing the same territories, so why not try to translate this in a beer? Irish, German, Belgian and British malts mixed together with Australian and American hops for a truly globalised IPA!

We hope that’s enough to whet your appetite! Remember to check back tomorrow for another reveal.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on our new ranges, so keep showing us your beers and sharing your thoughts on social media and Untapped.

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