BRÚ House Fairview is named PUB of the month!

BRÚ House craft bar and kitchen in Dublin 3

BRÚ House craft bar and kitchen in Dublin 3

Cathal and Emma of Rascals Brewing Co. brewing in Dublin since 2014.  

Cathal and Emma of Rascals Brewing Co. brewing in Dublin since 2014.  

We were delighted to be named pub of the month this February by Rascals Brewing Co.

BRÚ Brewery and the folks at Rascals are great champions of Irish Craft Beer and have worked together on a number of projects over the years.

Rascals, Yellowbelly and Killarney Brewing are bringing a craft beer festival to Fairview, Dublin 3 in March which we are very excited about! There will be beer tasting, live music, beer brewing discussions and more! Watch online for a full programme of events next week.


Available at BRÚ House Dublin 3 soon!

Available at BRÚ House Dublin 3 soon!

You will soon be able to sample a Rascals Wunderbar IPA 6% ABV at BRÚ House Fairview. You can't miss their fun funky packaging and cool blends. Milkshake stout anyone? Tasting is believing.

You can read Rascals full article about BRÚ House Fairview HERE! 


Carakale Brewers visit BRÚ House

Bobby & Aaron showing Yazan & Marwan Karadsheh our micro brewery in Navan

Bobby & Aaron showing Yazan & Marwan Karadsheh our micro brewery in Navan

We were delighted to be introduced to Yazan Karadsheh & his father Marwan, visiting from Jordan. it turns out they know a thing or two about beer themselves. They own Carakale brewery & are hoping to introduce a beer culture by opening the first and only micro brewery there.

Although Jordan is largely a Muslim country, drinking alcohol is not a social taboo. It is available in restaurants and hotels and certainly in the more tourist areas. Yazan graduated from the University of Colorado with an engineering degree and worked unhappily for the oil and natural gas company Haliburton. He was based in an isolated town in Wyoming and hated it there. After 6 weeks he quit and returned to Jordan, where he built his microbrewery near Amman. He named Carakale after the caracal, a native wild cat but the misspelling leans to the fine ales they will aim to produce, which are nearly impossible to find there.

Yazan & Marwan are visiting with family, trying out new beers and flavours and getting into the craic in Ireland. "We knew there was a large craft beer culture in Ireland but we didn't know it was this big! We have been touring around beautiful Ireland and are amazed at the variety and quality of the beers here. Our brewery Carakale has five beers in our master brewer's series with two flagship beers, our blonde and pale ale but we often brew single batch as well, such as our summer and red ale. It was such a pleasure to try your local BRÚ beers here and see the micro brewery. Thank you for the warm welcome."

carakale brewery meets bru beers

At Carakale, Jordan's first microbrewery, they are bringing the tradition of beer back to it's roots in Mesopotamia where beer was discovered over 7 centuries ago. They aim to revolutionize the beer market in Jordan by re-introducing flavour, richness & aroma of their beers. Next time your visiting Jordan be sure to try a Carakale beer! 

mazan Karadsheh of carakale brewery

A premium Irish stout.

BRÚ Dubh Stout 4.2% ABV


Take your taste buds back in time to how Irish Stout used to be enjoyed. Back to the good old days. They say stout tasted better back in the day and we agree. To brew the perfect bottled stout we went back to old school brewing and used simple ingredients. Crafted to be enjoyed anytime, BRÚ Stout is as good off the shelf as it is out of the fridge. It took us two years of experimenting to get the sweet, smooth taste of barley and chocolate malt that gives BRÚ Stout that unmistakable old school taste. Whatever it takes... BRÚ Stout is a traditional Dry Irish Stout, brewed using Roasted Barley and Chocolate Malt and a heavy Magnum hop addition. Mixing techniques old and new, our quest led us to create a modern original with roasted barley and chocolate malt giving it a sweet, smooth taste. 

A traditional dry stout, hand brewed using Irish malt and a heavy first hop addition. Roasted flavours with a light bitterness and a dry finish. Unlike our stout, we never settle. Doing whatever it takes to deliver an award-winning brew with every batch. It took time to craft Brú Dubh. The result is an Irish Stout for the ages.

Gold Medal winner at World Beer Awards 2016

BRÚ Beers now available in Marks and Spencer

We are very excited to launch our beers in selected Marks & Spencer stores in Ireland. From April 20th 2017 you can now purchase 500ml bottles of BRÚ Rí IPA and BRÚ Red Ale.

If you're in Dublin pop into Marks & Spencer Frascati Shopping Centre in Blackrock, Dundrum town centre, Grafton Street, Mary Street, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre. Our beers are also available in Douglas Village Shopping and Merchants Quay, Patrick Street in Cork.

Our beers are a perfect accompaniment to many of Marks and Spencer foods. They both go very well with hearty lamb dishes which is great news with tasty new season lamb now in stock. Our beers pair well with red meat, fish dishes and spicy food. Marks and Spencer has a wide range of cheeses which our beers compliment.

BRÚ Rí India Pale Ale 5% ABV is brewed using Irish malt and the finest hops from Southern California. These rich hops combine to deliver a crisp, refreshingly bitter ale with blasts of citrus, pine and floral scent. 

BRÚ Red Ale 4.2% ABV is a modern take on the traditional Irish Red Ale. Red Ale is light on the palate and full of juicy citrus and tangerine flavours. It won the Gold Medal at World Beer Awards 2016 and European Silver Medal at World Beer Awards 2015.

We hope you enjoy our beers from your local Marks and Spencer.

BRÚ Red Ale

BRÚ Red Ale

BRÚ RÍ India Pale Ale

BRÚ RÍ India Pale Ale

BRÚ Beers launched in the UK

Dave O'Hare

Here at BRÚ Brewery in Ireland we are excited to announce our UK launch in a few select London pubs. You can sample our DUBH stout and gluten free LAGER on keg and RED ale on cask at The Star of Bethnal Green, The Water Poet, Crown and Shuttle and The Scottish Stores.

BRÚ Dubh (Gaelic for black) will bring you back in time to how Irish Stout used to be enjoyed. Mixing techniques old and new, we have created a modern original with a sweet, smooth taste. Gold Medal at World Beer Awards 2016

BRÚ Lager (Gluten Free). Master brewer Dave O'Hare took up the challenge of creating a GF lager his mother (a beer loving coeliac) could enjoy. The result was a Czech style lager with a new world hop addition. There is no wheat in the lager. We use a sterile filtration to remove the gluten protein. A slow process but the end result is worth it. An award-winning beer so crisp, clear and delicious that it’s worthy of every mother’s son. Winner of 2016 World Beer Award Gold Medal for our Gluten Free Brú Lager in Helles/Munchner lager category

RED ALE. A hearty, robust red ale. Brewed originally for judging by friends and family. It was equally well received by a panel of international judges. Gold Medal at World Beer Awards 2016 & European Silver Medal at World Beer Awards 2015.

We endeavor to bring you the very best Irish craft beer. The guys at BRÚ worked tirelessly pursuing their founding goal ‘to brew quality hand crafted accessible craft beer'. We hope you enjoy every drop.


The Irish are coming!


BRÚ Brewery are sending over their master brewer Dave O'Hare to kick off the St Patrick's week celebrations. This FREE event is on in The Water Poet, 9-11 Folgate St, E1 6BX London, March 15th at 9.30pm. We are launching our award winning stout BRÚ Dubh.

We hope for a great turnout at The Water Poet where you can try our range of beers, including our great Irish DUBH stout. Come down and try BRU’s eclectic range of beers, sup on a free pint and test your tastebuds with a chance to win prizes in a blind tasting challenge.

They'll also be serving spiced silverside of beef, colcannon, pickled carrots, braised onion puree which pairs well with our Bru Dubh Stout.

You can book a place or register your interest at

See you there!

BRÚ Crew

Trim, Co, Meath, Ireland

New Brú Brewery

Our new fully manned 80 hecto litre brewery is working great. We are delighted to have the space & capacity to bring our hand crafted beers to the market.

Since the business was founded in 2013, in Trim Co. Meath, Brú Brewery has been no stranger to success, as past winners of “Meath Business of the Year” and “International Business of the Year”. The Brú range of Craft Beers, which recently won three prestigious World Beer Awards, are available in many pubs nationwide as well as on shelves in Supervalu, Tesco, Centra, Dunnes Stores and in all leading off-licences.

For updates please follow Brú Brewery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Picaroons meets Brú

We welcomed the guys from Canadian brewery Picaroons to our brewery in Co. Meath recently. We loved this collaboration as It was our first time using Canadian maple syrup & Irish whiskey oak chips.

The brew had been developed by our master brewer Kev Ryan & Picaroons master brewer Iain. They had brewed some beer using Irish whiskey we sent them earlier this year and they returned with the finest Canadian maple syrup and whiskey oak chips. The beer will be nitrogenated so it's silky smooth & should be finished soon and pouring by Christmas. 

A match made in craft beer heaven. 

Picaroons meets Brú

Picaroons meets Brú