Where's the party at?

It’s unavoidable like time or tide, the party season waits for no one. Creeping in at an ungodly time of year again and putting the gently applied social pressure on us.

It doesn’t matter if you see these people regularly throughout the year or perhaps an obligatory annual shenanigan is more your thing. There must be a night out organised and by golly there will be fun had by all even if it kills us and sends us into overdraft!

Are you ready for the parties you’ll be attending? Make a list, potentially there’s the book club, supper club, (insert sport here) club, friends home for Christmas, school reunion, The children’s class parents party, the running group, the work social club, the department party, the whole company party. It’s never ending. But don’t we love it, just a little bit?

The leaves are just starting to crisp up and fall off the trees and you may be reminded to book that space, confirm the staff night out and get the gang together for a festive catch up. Well fear not we have a quick check list for enjoying all things festive without being overwhelmed.

  1. Plan your month. Get your core get together dates locked in early doors for the festive cheer to start seeping in.

  2. Don’t say yes to everything. This is essential even to the hardest party goer. You will burn out (energy, money, sanity). Just say “No, thank you. I can;t make that date.”

  3. Don’t get legless at the staff party. Pretty self explanatory, for heavens sake don’t get sh*t faced and make a holy show of yourself.

  4. Drink plenty of water. See #3, stay hydrated, slow down the alcoholic drinks with water in between.

  5. Organise a secret Santa gift swap. €10 maximum spend for a Kris Kringle (or whatever he’s called) and everyone gets a little pressie (see Tiger, Penneys, Easons, Lush)

  6. Avail of great set menu offers. Be smart, book the set menu.

  7. Keep it local. No waiting for ages for a taxi in the freezing cold.

At the BRÚ House in Fairview we offer a little oasis outside the city. On Fairview strand, close to Eastpoint Business Park, 3 Arena and the Bord Gais Energy Theatre for drinks before or after a show. We’re close enough to town, just 10 minutes in a cab and with less hassle getting home.


THREE COURSE CHRISTMAS SET MENU €32 pp with a glass of wine and glass of bubbles on arrival or €27 without the wine.

Get in touch below and have a chat to Barbara about our superb function room with private bar, access to the rooftop terrace and party food.

Email Barbara@brubrewery.ie or call (01) 551 7054 for reservations, menus and bookings.

We require a deposit to hold larger parties which can be paid through our website.