Boxing and BRÚ - the love affair to spawn a revolution

Definitely, not probably, one of the 10 oldest sports in the world. Boxing today is one of those sports where a person can come from nothing and be a World Champion.


This weekend will be our 3rd SKY Box Office event. For the 1st time this year, we won't have Katie Taylor but we will have two superb fighters in Kell Brook and Errol Spence. An American contender challenging the English and World IBF Welterweight Champion in his hometown of Sheffield.  They will fight to a packed stadium with home support willing the undefeated challenger to wilt.

No one has stopped Errol Spence. He has fought 21 times and he has KO'd 18 of his opponents. He is a genuine contender and this is going to be some fight.

Boxing is one of the few remaining meritocracies. Only the very best will make it.  I once had the pleasure of standing beside Chris Eubank as I ordered a drink in Claridges Bar in London. I observed his gently closed fists as they rested on the bar.  I felt their power even from 3 feet away - here was a man who reached the top against all the odds.

And this is what we at BRÚ love about Boxing.  When a black man can rise from nothing in a country torn apart by race and inequality and become the century's greatest sportsperson. When a black uneducated boxer can spawn a generation of poets, artists, sports people and change makers for the next 100 years.  That is why BRÚ loves boxing. 

And so like our very own Conor McGregor who has reached the top in his game. We at BRÚ want to fight our way through the next 5 years and be a World Champion in our game.  Just like Barry McGuigan, Katie Taylor, Conor McGregor, Bernard Dunne,  Jimmy McLarnin and Steve Collins to name but a few of Ireland's pugilists.

BRÚ is a World Champion in the making. Not probably... but definitely. 

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