Less Lunch... More Dinner

No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. 

In my previous life, I served lunch for 5 years before finally realizing that Lunch and Evening were two completely different markets.  We served one at the expense of the other.  I had my staff working until 2am and 3am and then having to serve people food when they were hungry at 1pm next day.  It made no sense then and it makes no sense now.

Today, in my new position as Head of Retail Operations at BRÚ Brewery with specific responsibility for the Pub Group, I am not going to wait 5 years.  5 minutes is enough. I want our staff to be at the center of everything we do.  I want them focussed on those who "Treasure their Leisure". I have no interest in lunch time. I prefer our staff to be rested and energized for evening work and full days on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday which represents the bulk of our business.

We are an Irish Brewery, based in Trim, Co. Meath. We make a range of beers which can compete against the very best. I have sold over 2,000,000 pints of Heineken and Guinness so I think I'm qualified enough to say that.  I want more people to enjoy these beers and so we will be extending our food service to 10pm.  This is to encourage you all to go out and take those long walks in the summer and reward yourself with great gastropub food and 100% Irish beer.

With our kitchens open later we will also be able to service our growing demand for parties. Anyone who knows me - understands that the organization of parties is part of my genetic make up.  Whether it's an engagement, 40th or a leaving do you can be guaranteed that we have the expertise to deliver a brilliant event.  

On the corporate side, we have a range of entertainment options and fundraising systems which enable your staff or club members to get together to achieve something as a group, with a few drinks simply as a celebration of that.

We want to be able to provide a range of deals and promotions which entice you into our BRÚ Houses and which over time helps everybody to get out more and involve themselves in the aspirational communities we want to help build.

Our pubs are a work in progress and are gradually developing into that perfect local boozer. We have the dining and party combination that I have always dreamed of.  With Lee Doyle as our Executive Chef, my focus is to get as many people to try his wonderful food. I watched his progress at The Exchequer, a pub I am very fond of and have huge respect for the owners.  I feel incredibly privileged to work with Lee and we have both agreed to focus our energies on your leisure time.


The finished product will be a set of local pubs which deliver great food and drink, fast fun service and fair pricing. We will deliver this in an atmosphere created by the staff and their use of lighting, music and customer interactions.

The final ingredient will always be you. Some of you will love us and some of you won't. We are not for everybody.   We are for those who are aspirational in outlook and who "Treasure their Leisure". For that special ingredient, we will do whatever it takes to create the atmosphere that attracts you, and the service that keeps you.

Come and be part of this, the making of a uniquely Irish Special BRÚ.