Hello Navan!

Dear Navan and surrounding areas,

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Alex Cordero and I am the Head of Retail Operations at BRÚ House Pubs.  I will be working with our strong collaborative team looking after BRÚ House Navan.

I spent my last 10 years running a small pub in Dublin 4 beside the Aviva Stadium. The Pub was called Slattery's Pub.  It was a small pub on a corner in an area that had many new people living in it.  I saw an opportunity to build a pub that I would love to drink in (but never did). My story can be read here.

Alex Cordero signs for BRÚ Brewery March 2017

Alex Cordero signs for BRÚ Brewery March 2017

My intention for our beautiful pub in Navan is that it becomes a pub with an atmosphere which is created by the happiness and creativity of the staff. I am extremely staff-centric.

Over the next few weeks, you will see some changes in our Navan pub.  I think it's an incredible town with huge energy and vitality.  A beautiful countryside and very good road infrastructure.  We have a Pub with 2 levels, great food, an incredible Beer Garden and on top of all that... We brew our beer no more than a 20-minute drive away!

I focus my staff and pubs on Fast Service, Fair Pricing and a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for those who "Treasure their Leisure".

I am a massive sports fan and so we will be showing all the sport and showing it like nowhere else in the area or the county. We don't just show sport but we enhance the experience with VIP Tables, Sound Effects, and brilliant table service.  I am also an expert in Private and Corporate Parties including Fundraising Nights.  I have raised over €600,000 for charities through my time in Slattery's Pub.

If you are looking for more of the same then I will disappoint. If instead, you are looking for a local that you can call home... We are BRÚ and we want you.

I look forward to mingling with you... Navan.


Alex Cordero, Head of Retail Operations, BRÚ Brewery