Homophobic?... us?... BRÚ?

On Friday the 28th April an incident occurred in one of the Pubs I am responsible for.  A couple was asked to leave due to a disturbance that created anxiety for customers and staff.

The manager in charge at the time, Gabriel Greco made the call to ask the group of 3 gentelmen to leave the pub.  The decision was made purely on the negative environment the group were creating.  Our staff has the primary responsibility to ensure that all our staff and customers are kept safe and that their leisure time is protected from anyone who acts in a way that can disturb the balance in our BRÚ House Pubs.

The Marketing Director Dave O'Hare and Head of Retail Operations Alex Cordero, together with the entire Board and every single staff member employed by BRÚ, stand 100% behind the decision made by Gabriel Greco.

The only people to create a "homophobic" incident were the gentlemen involved who on leaving accused the other party of calling them "faggots".  This type of aggressive behaviour by anyone would not be tolerated by myself Alex or Dave o'Hare.

Now, regarding the accusation that we, or any of our staff or the brand or even our customers are homophobic.   This is grossly unfair and in fact, shows that the gentlemen involved were more angry about being asked to leave than anything that did or did not happen.

Alex Cordero and wife Barbara Shananan raising funds for Marriage Equality in 2015

Alex Cordero and wife Barbara Shananan raising funds for Marriage Equality in 2015

Here is who I am.  My name is Alex Cordero and I ran Slattery's Pub for 10 years.  I am a liberal from head to toe. I flew 8 rainbow flags outside Slattery's Pub in Dublin 4, for 5 months in the run up to the Equality Campaign. I helped raise over €10,000 for that campaign and over the years I have hosted weddings, engagements and birthday parties for my friends. I don't see their sexuality - I only ever see my friends and customers as people.

Let me introduce Dave O'Hare who is a founding member of BRÚ.  We met as he called into Slattery's Pub and told me he had seen my flags and would I be interested in stocking his BRÚ Beer as they were raising money with every keg sold.  He had me at Hello.

Dave O'Hare canvassing for Marriage Equality in 2015 

Dave O'Hare canvassing for Marriage Equality in 2015 

So I stocked his BRÚ IPA and it went down a treat.  Then I heard they had a gluten free BRÚ Lager so we got that in as well.  Fast forward 18 months and I'm at the opening of BRÚ Housse Fairview.  I had no idea it was the same company.  Who do I meet but Dave O'Hare.  I am out of work as I have completed my 10-year stint at Slattery's Pub D4.

6 months later I am in charge of the BRÚ Pubs and putting my slant on the atmosphere and culture that I believe is right.  The idea that I would be involved in anything but a liberal and progressive environment is outrageous.  The key thing - is that Dave and I and here because of our support for everyone's rights, not just a select few.

Dave O' Hare is heavily involved and invariably so is BRÚ.  Dave has recently donated several prizes from the brewery to Drag AID for Chechnya which took place on the 27th of April in the generator hostel in Dublin. Was an event to raise awareness and funds for the plight of gay men in the region. 

Dave has also canvassed during the marriage equality campaign and pictured handing over beer to the chairwoman of the marriage equality campaign Gráinne Healy in their HQ offices on Clarendon St.

Dave O'Hare and BRÚ supporting Drag Aid

See also the title picture poster from our marriage equality campaign. Which was running in the George, Chambers in Cork, Slattery's Pub and any other bars gay or straight that agreed to support it.  

Finally, if you still think we are homophobic then please refer all future questions to Dave 'O Hare's boyfriend Robin. Who really needs to know the truth about Dave.

Homophobic?  think what you want... we know who we are.

We are BRÚ.


Alex Cordero

Head of Retail Operations, BRÚ Brewery.