BRÚ House signs Alex Cordero

After 3 months of negotiations, it was a pint of BRÚ Stout that finally cemented the deal that moves Alex Cordero back into a full-time role.

For the last 4 months, Alex Cordero has worked in a consulting capacity helping his wife Barbara Shanahan with her business 6A.  During that time he came across BRÚ Brewery and began doing some light work. This light work increased until it became evident that Alex and BRÚ were well matched.

Alex Cordero was heavily involved with the tremendous growth of Slattery's Pub in Dublin 4 and the surrounding area known as Beggars Bush. He began there in early 2006 and with the help of the owner Irial Slattery, they both created a pub with an atmosphere that was hard to match anywhere in the world.

When after 10 great years his time came to an end in October 2016, Alex Cordero promised that he would devote the rest of his career helping unleash the human potential of staff in the bar and restaurant industry.

While studying for his altMBA with Seth Godin, Alex realised that BRÚ Brewery could help him deliver that. BRÚ Brewery and their BRÚ House Pubs had a goal of delivering the best atmospheres for their beers. Atmosphere, can only ever be delivered by the staff on the ground and so the idea was born. Alex could help BRÚ House staff generate that special atmosphere that so many pubs lack. BRÚ Brewery could give Alex the chance to replicate what he did in Slattery's Pub through a chain of pubs. Nothing like 3 gorgeous pubs in Fairview, Navan and Newbridge to start with...

And so Alex Cordero joins BRÚ House as Head of Retail Operations. We wish him the very best of luck and look forward to the energy, ideas and pure obsession he has for the industry!