At BRÚ Brewery our simple aim is to brew fantastic hand crafted beers for everyone to enjoy. 

Our international award winning beers are hand brewed locally in our brewery in Trim and are made from from 100% Irish wheat and barley. We take great pride in ensuring that our BRÚ beer is carefully looked after from the time our locally sourced ingredients arrive in the brewery to when our fantastic range of beers arrive in your hand!



BRÚ Dubh Stout 4.2% ABV

Back to the good old days.

They say stout tasted better back in the day and we tend to agree. To brew our stout we went back to old school brewing and used simple ingredients. Crafted to be enjoyed anytime, it took us two years of experimenting to get the sweet, smooth taste of barley and chocolate malt that gives BRÚ Stout that unmistakable old school taste. 

BRÚ Stout is a traditional Dry Irish Stout, brewed using Roasted Barley and Chocolate Malt and a heavy Magnum hop addition. BRÚ Stout tastes of chocolate and coffee and is smooth with hints of Vanilla on the palate. 


BRÚ Stout is the perfect complement to all chocolate or coffee deserts, but also goes excellently with all types of game, red meat and especially stews. If pairing with cheese a robust Gloucester or cheddar is recommended

Gold Medal winner at World Beer Awards 2016


BRÚ Lager- 4.2% ABV Gluten Free

Pure devotion to our craft.

Brewing a tasty well-balanced lager is trickier than it seems. For Dave, discovering the right amount of hops became a bit of an obsession, a good one though. Taking six weeks to nurture his delicately balanced creation, there was still work to be done. Dave's Mum hadn’t enjoyed a beer in years so being a good son he brewed his new creation gluten-free. With a crisp, clear and delicious full flavour, BRÚ Lager has won loads of awards and is fit for the world and his mother to enjoy! Whatever it takes...

BRÚ Lager is a crisp refreshing full bodied lager brewed with Pale & Munich Malt blended together with Saaz and Cascade hops.


BRÚ Lager goes perfectly with spicy foods particularly Thai and Indian cuisine. Its also great with Italian food particularly pizza or any dish with Parmesan or sheep cheese. The mild flavour of the cheese works excellently to bring out the hop characteristics of BRÚ Lager.

Winner of 2016 World Beer Award Gold Medal for our Gluten Free Brú Lager
Winner of 2016 World Beer Award Gold Medal for our Gluten Free Brú Lager in Helles/Munchner lager category

Winner of 2015 World Beer Award Gold Medal for our Gluten Free Brú Lager


BRÚ Red Ale 4.2%ABV

pure and simple

Like all good things, it begins as a notion. With a delicious red ale in his head, Daire began experimenting on his home brew kit. Testing his recipe on a thirsty panel of friends and family, it wasn’t long until it was getting the thumbs up, inspiring his next notion – opening a brewery! Full of juicy citrus and tangerine flavours, we like to think of BRÚ Red Ale as our Founding Father. A lot has changed since then, but one thing stays the same, our love of brewing this tasty ale for everyone to enjoy. Whatever it takes...


BRÚ Red Ale is a modern take on the traditional Irish Red Ale. Malty but full of Cascade and Goldings hop flavour, the Red Ale is light on the palate and full of juicy citrus and tangerine flavours. Immensely drinkable beer!


BRÚ Red Ale goes perfectly with red meat particularly lamb and venison. Its also a beautiful accompaniment to any cheese and charcuterie boards. The hoppiness of BRÚ Red Ale is really brought to the fore when paired with Gruyére, Emmental and Swiss cheese. 


Gold Medal at World Beer Awards 2016

European Silver Medal at World Beer Awards 2015.


BRÚ Rí, India Pale Ale 5%ABV

Brewing the best at all costs

It’s true, what you put in, is what you get out. Too much and you’re overpowered, too little and you have nothing at all. To strike the right balance in our zesty BRÚ IPA we had to get our hands on the finest Cascade, Herkules, Summit and Citra hops. As a new brewery, we weren’t exactly flush with cash and we knew they would cost us a small fortune, but it turns out it was worth it. Today BRÚ IPA is an award-winning beer with a taste to treasure and was worth every single cent. Whatever it takes...


BRÚ IPA is brewed with Irish Pale & Munich Malt, Goldings,Cascade, Herkules, Summit and Citra hops. This IPA is a crisp refreshingly bitter ale, with a blast of citrus, pine and floral scents on the nose. 



BRÚ IPA goes perfectly with fish, spicy foods and citrus deserts. The ideal cheese pairing with BRÚ IPA comes when the cheese forms part of a salad, especially when using any blue cheese, the tanginess of the citrus flavours complement each other.


Gold Medal at the World Beer Awards 2016

Bronze Medal at the World Beer Awards 2015

BRÚ Pilsner 3.8%ABV

This pilsner will carry you through

Low ABV session beer, citrus notes with biscuit flavour. All our beers are nothing but natural. Made from 100% Irish wheat and barley, everything about our beer is free except the price. Chemical free, additive free, preservative free. Even our water is fluoride and chloride free.