BRÚ Dubh Stout 4.2% ABV

We dream big about smaller bubbles.

Take your taste buds back in time to how Irish Stout used to be enjoyed. Mixing techniques old and new, our quest led us to create a modern original with roasted barley and chocolate malt giving it a sweet, smooth taste. 

A traditional dry stout, hand brewed using Irish malt and a heavy first hop addition. Roasted flavours with a light bitterness and a dry finish. Unlike our stout, we never settle. Doing whatever it takes to deliver an award-winning brew with every batch. It took time to craft Brú Dubh. Two years of relentless obsession by Daire and Dave to be exact. The result is an Irish Stout for the ages.

Gold Medal at World Beer Awards 2016


BRÚ Lager- 4.2% ABV Gluten Free Lager

Pure devotion to our craft.

This beer began with an Irish mother. Master brewer Dave O'Hare's mother to be precise! A beer loving coeliac. She could never enjoy a cool glass of lager. Dave duly took up the challenge of making a gluten free lager. Through grit, determination and a sheer will to do whatever it takes. The result was a Czech style lager with a new world hop addition. It is crisp, full bodied, full of flavour and brewed using Irish malts. There is no wheat in the lager, using sterile filtration to remove the gluten protein. A slow process but the end result is worth it. An award-winning beer so crisp, clear and delicious that it’s worthy of every mother’s son. 

Winner of 2016 World Beer Award Gold Medal for our Gluten Free Brú Lager
Winner of 2016 World Beer Award Gold Medal for our Gluten Free Brú Lager in Helles/Munchner lager category


BRÚ Rua 4.2%ABV

Working hard to keep it pure and simple

Few would believe experimenting with a home brewing kit could lead to a winning recipe. Founder Daire had faith and carefully crafted this red ale. A hearty, robust red ale, bursting with caramel and red berry but overlaid with new world hops providing full flavours of toffee & caramel with a balanced aroma. 

Brewed originally for judging by friends and family. It was equally well received by a panel of international judges. Everything including our friends and family has grown since then, but doing whatever it takes to brew award-winning ale is still en-grained in our DNA. 

Gold Medal at World Beer Awards 2016

European Silver Medal at World Beer Awards 2015.



Brewing the best at all costs

This IPA nearly was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Importing the finest hops from Southern California comes at a price. These rich hops combine to deliver a crisp, refreshingly bitter ale with blasts of citrus, pine and floral scent. Valuing the best when it comes to producing award-winning beer, we do whatever it takes to deliver it. After betting the house on our most vital ingredient, the result is an IPA worth treasuring. Unfiltered Indian pale ale with hints of mango & grapefruit tasting bitterness. This IPA is a crisp refreshingly bitter ale, with a blast of citrus, pine and floral scents on the nose, brewed with Irish malt and four different hops.

Brú Cider 4.5%ABV



BRÚ Pilsner 3.8%ABV

This pilsner will carry you through

Low ABV session beer, citrus notes with biscuit flavour. All our beers are nothing but natural. Made from 100% Irish wheat and barley, everything about our beer is free except the price. Chemical free, additive free, preservative free. Even our water is fluoride and chloride free.