About us at BRÚ House, Newbridge

Newbridge will always have a special place in the hearts of BRÚ crew. Our very first pub we worked incredibly hard to get it just right.

Just as we craft our beer, so too do we craft the setting in which it is enjoyed. Come in, get warm, take off your coat and enjoy a drink the BRÚ way. Whether you’re looking for a quiet corner or a quick chat, in BRÚ House, you will always be well looked after.

On tap & in bottle we stock our full range of our award winning craft beers made in Trim, County Meath. Our beers are nothing but natural. Made from 100% Irish wheat and barley, everything about our beer is free except the price. Chemical free, additive free, preservative free. Even our water is fluoride and chloride free. We also have a selection of guest beers on rotation, ciders and a large range of gins, spirits & wines.

Our kitchen is led by Lee Doyle and his team of talented chefs. Our food is simple Irish gastro pub style. All freshly prepared on site and cooked to order. Like our beer it will be additive and chemical free. Nothing too clever or patronising, dishes like a great Irish steak, homemade pies and ham hock. Fish & chips with our own beer batter & where possible most dishes are gluten free adaptable. Drop in & check out our daily specials. 

Please get in touch to arrange a table, event or party.
— BRÚ Crew, George's St
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